Let's Party!!

A little known fact: The Groom was an absolutely fabulous Hip-Hop dancer!

Everyone had heard rumours the Groom could dance. The Bride often joked "...oh ya, he's got moves" yet only a select 'few' had ever seen him in action so no one thought much more about it.

Mid-way through the evening his young son in hand, he casually walked onto the dance floor to join the party. You've see in movies when John Travolta walked onto the dance floor, everyone gives him room so they can watch. Well that's exactly what happened!! He walked to the centre.... those that knew him well moved to the side, others followed.

To the delight and amazement of everyone, they broke-out into a fabulous hip-hop routine ...and it continued. There after throughout the night others in the wedding party would join in.

It was AWESOME!!

So as it turns out if you'd like to take Hip-Hop lessons, we known an great instructor :)

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