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Did you know this is what John does for a living...

As a licensed Realtor in Manitoba John can look after all your Real Estate needs.
Home or Cottage, whether in Winnipeg or Lac du Bonnet.

When getting married there are so many decisions being made!
Starting your new life can sometimes be overwhelming and it becomes easy to overlook details which can impact the rest of your life!

John knows the industry, knows the market, knows what to look for.
He has helped many find their new home often at a price below what they expected.
He works with you, showing you your options, walking you through the process in an relaxed, friendly manner.

Call JOHN to find out how he can help you...
Call 204.771.0232
To begin your new adventure!

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Purchase or sell your home through John, upon possession he will provide a $500.00 Gift Card for PATRICIA's which can be redeemed towards either Dance Lessons or towards Hall Rental costs.