Fabulous Wedding on Limited Funds

The $4,000.00 solution


  • ~ Wedding Ceremony rehearsal, approx 2-3 day prior to event;
    ~ Wedding Ceremony set-up, take-down, audio, microphones;
    ~ Wedding Ceremony white linen chairs and ceremonial backdrop with 6 chandeliers;

    ~ Beautiful Wedding / Reception Facility, includes waterfall head table backdrop (30' long), all tables, chairs, podium, chordless microphone, audio visual screen with audio wiring into house system, head table crystal chandeliers, and more;

    ~ Professional DJ Music services (Crystal Sound);
    ~ Wedding Planner;
    ~ Photography Area;
    ~ Bartenders;
    ~ Servers;
    ~ Host and Custodial Services - so at end of your event you just pick-up and leave

Lunch pricing determined through Catering.
Applies only to Sundays, 11:00 - 4:00pm.
Pricing subject to GST, PST, Gratuity (10%).
Pics may show additional decor items.