Chair Linens

For your convenience, Patricia's offers chair linens:

Many Brides save a lot of money using our white chair covers, ... we dress them up with your wedding colors using a sash. Several fabric options and many colors are available.

We offer Round Top, 37" high, cushioned chairs.
These are comfortable chairs and look especially nice with our exclusive chair covers.

We're here to help make your wedding decisions easier and your reception seamless!

We look after all the set-up, take-down, all cleaning etc!

Floral columns
To further individualize your day.
Available in both 5' and 8'.

8' are great when placed on either side of the head table!

You only need to tell us what you'd like.
We'll make all the arrangements so when your day comes,
you walk in and's all done!

Don't hesitate to ask us questions.